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Current Dispatch Times: Normal [Same Day Before 3pm EST]
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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pre-Workout from Amazon

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Wondering where to get pre-workout? Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to shop for just about everything. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, their sales soared as people took full advantage of fast shipping, reasonable prices, and a massive selection of products all in one place. However, picture this: you are scrolling along, perhaps looking at your favourite cosmetics, and noticed a couple of reviews saying things like, “this is not the real product.” You might just move on and choose another listing. You probably won’t think twice about it when you go to buy pre-workout supplements—but you probably should. Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t shop with Amazon when considering where to get pre-workout.

In 2019, the Wall Street Journal conducted a considerable investigation into Amazon, which revealed thousands of “banned, unsafe, or mislabeled products.” Read that again. Thousands of the products you see listed on Amazon are not what they say they are—and they might even be dangerous. Big-name brands like Nike and Birkenstock are pulling away from Amazon as the problem seems to be getting increasingly worse. It’s for this reason that we urge you not to buy pre-workout supplements—or any other supplement—from Amazon. 

We’re Not Talking Nikes; We’re Talking Pre-Workout Supplements

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While dropping $100 bucks on a fresh pair of Nikes and getting a poorly done fake might be a major bummer, it’s not likely to harm you. When you buy a pre-workout supplement, you’re not buying it to wear with a cute outfit. You’re buying it to consume. People use pre-workouts to get them pumped up for the gym, feel stronger, work out harder, and get better results. If you get a fake, you might not get any of that and instead could end up with something very, very bad.

We always urge you to be an informed consumer. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is largely unregulated. For this reason, it’s especially important that you learn how to differentiate a quality supplement brand from a shady one. When you become educated and informed, you learn where to get pre-workouts and other supplements. However, all your efforts to ensure you buy pre-workout that will do what it claims and will not hurt you are potentially thwarted when you gamble with Amazon. Let’s say you choose your trusted Optimum Nutrition pre-workout supplement. Upon delivery, it might look right, but the reality is that it potentially has harmful, ineffective, or even illegal ingredients if it’s not the real deal. 

Counterfeit Products and Lack of Verification

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In 2019, a third-party seller with Amazon sold countless counterfeit Align supplements. The company sent out emails to alert customers who had purchased from the seller and instructed them to discard the remaining product. When questioned, Amazon suggested they thoroughly investigate every claim of counterfeit products. However, their policy states that “it is each seller’s and supplier’s responsibility to source, sell, and fulfill only authentic products.” That’s the problem with investigating the claims—it seems that they only respond when a customer makes a report. They do not do much to ensure the products listed are authentic.

When it comes to your health, it’s just not worth the risk. Buy pre-workout supplements from trusted retailers, where there is no risk of a product being a well-disguised fake.

Where to Get Pre-Workout Supplements

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So, if you can’t buy pre-workout supplements from your favourite online retailer, where can you get pre-workout? Well, trusted brick-and-mortar stores are always a good way to go. You can also buy pre-workout from a smaller, trusted online retailer that does not use third-party sellers.

Where to Get Pre-Workout Supplements Locally

If you have a favourite store to grocery shop or pick up other essentials, chances are you can buy pre-workout with them. It’s always nice to have the option to hold a product in your hand and examine it before purchasing. However, especially in the wake of a global pandemic, an online retailer is still ideal when people consider where to get pre-workout. 

Where to Get Pre-Workout Supplements Online

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With an online store like Supplement Superstore, you can feel confident that what you see on our site is what you will get. We pride ourselves on earning trust, and it’s through that trust that we have earned our loyal customer base. We will never take the trust you’re putting in us for granted, and we want to be your go-to answer for where to get pre-workout. We are proudly Canadian, have been around since 2014, and we’re a staff full of knowledgeable, dedicated fitness experts who care about your health. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions regarding the quality or authenticity of our products. We do not sell products we haven’t tried ourselves. 

Other Products to Avoid

Obviously, there are more products to look out for when you’re shopping with Amazon. If there’s a problem when you buy pre-workout, there is likely a problem with other supplements, too. In addition to all health and fitness supplements, consider the counterfeit potential when purchasing:

  • makeup
  • skincare and other cosmetics
  • perfume
  • emergency contraceptives like Plan B
  • sunblock
  • teas and other drink mixes
Scatted makeup pallets, brushes, and products

Customers have complained about makeup, lotions, and skin serums leading to nasty rashes. There are accounts of expensive cosmetics smelling like glue, and in horrible cases of fraudulent makeup bought from eBay, customers have encountered permanent disfiguration. Others complained that when they purchased the popular emergency contraceptive, Plan B, the seller had covered the expiration date or the product had already expired.

Erased or changed expiration dates are a concern for supplements and sunblock as much as they are for contraceptives. If you do receive a fake product, the best-case scenario is that the product is ineffective and doesn’t do its job. Worst case? You end up in the hospital or worse.

By shopping smart and being an educated consumer, you can ensure you won’t be harmed by counterfeit products when you buy pre-workout supplements. While Amazon is great, it’s not the place to buy anything you’re putting on your skin or in your body. So, the next time you’re wondering where to get pre-workout, remember us at Supplement Superstore!

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