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Workout and supplement gifts

Workout Gifts for Exercise Enthusiasts

Picking gifts for your loved ones is a challenging undertaking. Of course you want to get them something they can use and love, but the very best gifts fill both those requirements and are also something that they wouldn’t (or don’t want to) buy for themselves. One excellent place to start is to consider the things they enjoy.

If your loved one is a health and fitness lover, check out our list of most-wanted workout gifts for exercise enthusiasts. We’ve got something for everyone, like health supplements for just about anyone or fitness trackers specifically for your gym-loving loved one.

Workout Gifts for the Runner

Woman smiling while running on path in woods

Runners are a rare breed, even for people that love to exercise. Running takes dedication; it’s easy to fall out of shape if you skip a couple of workouts and it’s hard on your body. Taking care of yourself is a great way to ensure you don’t get injured and suffer a setback in your sport, but it’s not always easy to do. Loved ones can support their runners by focusing their gifts on things that keep them healthy and comfortable while running.

A Gift Card for Running Shoes

Two people sitting on ground tying shoes

If there’s one thing that runners burn through quicker than anyone, it’s shoes! Running shoes should be replaced every 450-550 miles. Good running shoes are pricey, but everyone knows the importance of a good shoe for a safe, comfortable run. Consider gifting a pre-loaded gift card to your runner for their favourite brand of running shoe. Talk about thoughtful!

Our Pick: Foot Locker Gift Card

Wireless Headphones

Silver headphones on desk

If you’ve ever ripped your headphone out of your ear by punching the wire with your swinging arms, you understand where we’re going here. Music is scientifically proven to make you run faster. Not only that, but it can make the whole experience much more enjoyable. If your loved one is still running with wired earbuds, do them a favour and upgrade them to a quality pair of over-the-ear, wireless running headphones.

Our Pick: Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

GPS Watch

Garmin GPS watch

If your runner is up-to-date with the latest, greatest shoes and they already have a quality pair of wireless headphones, don’t despair! Instead, grab them a watch with GPS so they can track their every step.

Our Pick: Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Workout Gifts for the Gym-Goer

A gym-goer is classified as someone who loves to complete their workouts in the gym setting. Whether they’re running on the treadmill, enjoying body pump and yoga classes, or slinging heavy weights, the gym is their happy place. We know this kind of person because we are this type. Nothing would make a gym-goer happier than a workout gift for the gym!

Gym Bag

Orange and Black beyond gym bag Supplement Superstore

You can never have too many gym bags. They’re a necessity for people who use many health supplements and bring a lot of gear to the gym every day. The problem is, cheap ones can wear out quickly. A quality gym bag in a classic colour can be used almost every day. If you know your gym-goer loves a pop of colour, look for something bright and fun. Choose one big enough to fit all the health supplements plus any equipment and a pair of shoes.

Our Pick: Beyond Yourself Gym Bag

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers can make excellent workout gifts for just about anyone, but if your loved one spends their time working out in the gym, they might have some preferences. For example, trackers that only measure steps might not be a great pick for someone who lifts weights. Look for a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, as they are the best way to measure physical efforts.

Our Pick: Fitbit Sense

Health Supplements

Diesel Protein Powder New Zealand Whey Supplement Superstore

If you’re familiar with your gym-goers favourite health supplements, they make excellent gifts! Many people think of health supplements as necessary but hate to drop the money on them every month. You can also give your loved one your favourite health supplements to try! Just make sure you take any diet restrictions and flavour preferences into account. If you’re still not sure, settle for a gift card to be used on health supplements!

Our Pick: Perfect Sports Diesel Protein

Clothing Gift Card

Workout clothing is something that gym-goers cannot get enough of. From leggings and shorts to sports bras and tanks, clothes designed for the gym make the perfect workout gifts. For women, some of the allure of the gym is getting to show off your cute outfit! Play into that with a great outfit if you know the correct sizes or a gift card to their favourite fitness apparel store if you want to play it safe. 

Our Pick: Gym Shark Gift Card

Gifts for the Home Workout Homie

Working out from home is something that some people can’t get enough of, but others dread. Regardless of whether it’s love or hate, most people occasionally need to workout at home to get their exercise in. Whether the gym is closed or their schedule is funky for the week, you can make working out at home much more enjoyable with one of these workout gifts!

Workout Mirror

Reflection of woman in mirror doing yoga

Workout mirrors are for home-workout-enthusiasts. They’re reflective mirrors, but they’re also LCD screens that play on-demand fitness classes so you can watch a customized fitness class while watching yourself and perfecting your form. This would make an excellent workout gift for anyone who wants more from their home workout.

Our Pick: The Mirror

Stationary Bike

Side view of woman riding stationary bike

Cycling is super trendy right now, and at-home stationary bike sales took off when the pandemic hit. While people are feeling more comfortable leaving their homes again and the weather is getting nicer, cycling indoors is still an excellent option for early morning or rainy-day workouts.

Our Pick: Peloton Bike

Resistance Bands

woman doing hip thrusts with resistance band

If your budget is smaller, you can still get a great workout gift and help your home workout homie improve their indoor exercise with some upgraded resistance bands. These bands put the old school rubber bands to shame and make all the exercises about three times as hard.

Our Pick: Bicah Glute Bands and Long Bands

Gifts for the Health Supplement Lover

Health supplements can make great workout gifts for people that love to work out, no matter how they get their exercise. You can get better, faster results and improve your performance just by including specific health supplements in your nutrition. The downside is that health supplements are additional costs that people don’t love dropping money on. That’s exactly why they make excellent workout gifts for exercise lovers!

Health Supplements Gift Card

Supplement Superstore logo

If the idea of getting someone a health supplement intimidates you because it seems a little personal, don’t worry! You can’t go wrong with a gift card. That way, your loved one can choose between the health supplement they’re almost out of and the one they’ve really been wanting to try!

Our Pick: Supplement Superstore Gift Card

Blender Bottle

Vortex Blender Bottle Cellucor Shaker Cup Supplement Superstore

Looking for another low-budget but super thoughtful workout gift for your friend that loves health supplements? Get them an upgraded blender bottle! Look for one in your loved one’s favourite colour or grab one with a motor. Health supplements often taste better and have a smoother consistency when blended up in a standard blender. The problem is that people can’t always get to a blender in the post-workout window, but you can come in like a hero if you give them a blender bottle that contains a portable motor!

Our Pick: Cellucor Vortex Blender Bottle

Gifts for the Meal Prepper

Perhaps your loved one is a bodybuilder, or maybe they’re just really into prepping and planning their meals. You’ll know this person because they’re always bringing their own food or stopping what they’re doing every two and a half hours to bust out some baked chicken. You can make their life more convenient with these thoughtful workout gifts!

Meal Prep Bag

Performa Meal Prep Bag 6 Meal Carry Shakes, Meals and Supplements Supplement Superstore

Meal prep bags are lunch boxes designed to carry a whole day’s worth of meals plus all the necessary health supplements. The days of shoving random Tupperware containers in gym bags are no more when you give your friend a bag that has its own special containers that fit perfectly in a zipper bag. They’re often insulated, so they keep food fresh and safe!

Our Pick: Performa Meal Prep Bag

Meal Plan

If you know someone that would love to prep their meals in advance but doesn’t have the nutritional know-how to create their own meal plan, find a certified dietician and gift your friend a customized meal plan that they can have set up in their own time.

Our Pick: Customized Meal Plan from Total Health and Fitness

Gifts for the Smoothie Sipper

Smoothies are a convenient, tasty way to get a nutrient-dense meal or snack quickly. Many people enjoy daily smoothies, but it can be a bit of a hassle to keep your smoothie necessities stocked, get them in and out of the freezer, and clean up the mess. These gifts can make enjoying smoothies easier!


Glass blender filled with watermelon and spinach

Okay, an amazing blender doesn’t stop you from having to keep your smoothie basics stocked or eliminate the cleanup. However, it does make it a lot more fun and enjoyable to blend up that baby! A high-powered blender can make a world of difference in the taste and texture of your smoothie.

Our Pick: Vitamix E310

Smoothie Subscription

This is the better option if your friend just cannot deal with the constant grocery shopping and clean-up that comes along with a smoothie habit. A smoothie subscription that delivers delicious, nutrient-dense smoothies that are ready-to-blend, right to the door!

Our Pick: Revive Superfoods Subscription

Workout Gifts for the Yogi

Yoga is a way of life, and the yogi in your life will be thrilled with a workout gift for their lifestyle and preferred method of exercise! Check out these must-have yoga items.

Yoga Mat

Pile of rolled up yoga mats

Newbies often underestimate a good yoga mat in the beginning, but by the time they’ve taken a few classes, you understand needing a good one. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to splurge on a mat for yourself. That’s why an amazing yoga mat makes an excellent workout gift!

Our Pick: Manduka Pro 6mm Yoga Mat

Yoga Blocks and Straps

Whether your loved one is new to yoga or has been practicing it for years, those new poses can be challenging to say the least! However, even the most experienced yogis can use tools like blocks and straps to help them build up their strength and flexibility and nail that new pose.

Our Pick: Yoga Artist Blocks and Hugger Mugger Cotton Strap

Gifts for the Hydration Freak

Most people understand the importance of staying hydrated, but health and fitness people of all ages and experience levels know that being hydrated can make or break your workout. Workout gifts that support proper hydration are always a good option!

Water Bottle

Ocean blue Hydroflask in the sand

Water bottles make excellent workout gifts for anyone who enjoys exercising, especially because water bottles tend to need replacing fairly often. This is especially true for people who take their water bottles on runs or to and from the gym. Choose a fun colour, a big size, or a bottle with the ability to be customized!

Our Pick: 20 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask

Gifts for those Who Take Their Rest and Recovery Seriously

Only the real ones know that rest and recovery are equally (if not more) important than eating right and exercising. Support your buddy’s recovery efforts with these workout gifts. Hint: your loved one can use that health supplement gift card to support their recovery, too!

Spa Gift Card

A gift card to a local spa is always a good idea! Choose one that has a variety of services that your friend can pick from, like massages, saltwater float treatments, facials, or other options to help them recover the way they like!

Our Pick: Find a top spa near you

Foam Roller

If a spa is out of reach, you can give the gift of recovery in their very own home! Everyone and their mother should own a foam roller. These things are excellent tools to help role out and stretch sore muscles. They make excellent workout gifts for anyone that gets sore from time to time (aka: everyone).

Our Pick: Lululemon Mini Double Roller

White Noise Machine

White noise might just be the best-kept secret of parents everywhere. It’s great for helping infants sleep, but adults will be surprised at how well they sleep with sound, too. Choose a machine that allows you to customize your own sounds, adjust the volume, and set an optional timer feature.

Our Pick: Brookstone Sleep Sound Mixer

Finding the perfect gift is no easy undertaking, but if your loved one is all about exercising, shopping for a gift that suits their lifestyle is an excellent way to make sure they’re happy! From workout gifts for runners to health supplements for everyone, we’ve got you covered.

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