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Your Guide to Beginner Supplements

There’s no better time like the present to begin stepping up your health, wellness, or fitness routine. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, work hard, or play hard, there are various supplement options designed to support your goals and needs. While some may assume protein powders and pre-workout supplements are just for athletes and bodybuilders, we’re here to shed light on that misconception.

From getting a good night’s rest to building lean muscle, supplements offer everyone tremendous mental and physical benefits. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of supplements, the top reasons they are used, and our best recommendations for beginner supplements to get you off to a successful start. 

Top 10 Benefits of Supplements

When you’re just dipping your toes into the supplement pool, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are endless options from brands to ingredients. We want to support your health and fitness journey by providing you with the must-know details of supplements.

Let’s start with ten notable benefits of using supplements. Then, take note of the areas you relate to and may want to incorporate into your health, wellness, or fitness goals.

10 Benefits of Using Supplements

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  1. Boosts Energy
  2. Supports Rapid Fat Burn
  3. Improves Focus
  4. Supports Mental Health and Wellness
  5. Promotes Healthy Sleep
  6. Saves Time
  7. Speeds Recovery Time
  8. Supports Hormone Levels
  9. Strengthens Your Immune System
  10. Increases Muscle Build




1. Boosts Energy

If you stick to a balanced diet and healthy sleep patterns but still feel like your body just doesn’t have that staying power, supplements could be the tool you’re missing. Adding the right supplements to your daily routine with high-quality ingredients can significantly boost energy levels.

Whether you’re heading to the gym or preparing for a presentation, supplements can provide increases in energy levels to get you through the task at hand. In addition, they are known for their ability to provide caffeine without the crash. It’s what makes pre-workout supplements so widely used amongst weightlifters and athletes.

2. Supports Rapid Fat Burn

Are you looking to step up your weight loss game? Or perhaps those last stubborn belly fat pounds just won't budge. On the other hand, maybe you're focusing on burning fat while building lean muscle. Adding fat-burning supplements into your daily routine can help you achieve any of these goals.

Fat-burning supplements can speed up the fat-burn process while making it more efficient. One essential ingredient contributing to this incredible process is L-carnitine. Known for its weight loss benefits, the amino acid is responsible for transporting fats into cells to be burned for energy. As a result, you'll see rapid fat burn like never before!

3. Improves Focus

Supplements that contain ingredients such as taurine can significantly improve your overall focus. Taurine, an amino acid, alters your neurotransmitters and boosts performance in your brain. As a result, you'll experience razor-sharp focus, lower levels of anxiety, and heightened motivation.

yellow post-it with first things first written on it with glasses, coffee, and pen in background

Another focus-boosting ingredient to watch for is the lion's mane. The mushroom stimulates the growth of brain cells and may even prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

4. Supports Mental Health and Wellness

Your mental health and wellness play a vital role in your daily performance. For example, think about your mood, concentration, motivation, or anxiety levels. How often do factors such as these interfere with your daily activities? Do they hinder your performance quality? Are they keeping you from achieving optimal results, whether in the gym or other aspects of your life?

Pre-workout supplements, for example, utilize nootropics for their mood-boosting benefits. In addition, many athletes report experiencing “happy energy” due to the increases in oxygen flow to the brain. This effect leads to better athletic performance and results. 

Multivitamin supplements provide improvements in mood through essential nutrients. Plus, multivitamins make excellent beginner supplements, as they boost physical and mental health and wellness.

Essential amino acid supplements are also ideal for enhancing your spirits. For example, L-tyrosine helps stabilize mood by increasing dopamine, balancing adrenaline, and supporting healthy adrenal glands.

5. Promotes Healthy Sleep

person sleeping peacefully wearing white with white sheets

Your body faces stress from every direction. Whether you feel the pressures of home, work, school, or the gym, the stress of churning out results can be taxing. Supplements can help ease you into a restful night’s sleep.

Your body’s best recovery period comes from a healthy, restful night of sleep. This is true whether you’ve crushed it at the gym or in the boardroom. Sleep supplements provide the ingredients your mind and body need to relax, rest, and repair aches or pains.

Sleep supplements help regulate your sleep cycles. They provide a safe, effective way to achieve a deep, more restful sleep. As a result, you'll wake more refreshed and relaxed with energy to start the day.

6. Saves Time

Supplements are ideal for anyone with a hectic schedule or those who simply can’t find time to squeeze in a balanced meal. Let’s be honest, that describes most of us! If you’re running late to work, shuffling the kids off to school, or hitting the gym in between classes, supplements are a timesaver.

Meal replacement supplements are packed with essentials, offering you the nutrition you may otherwise miss out on. In minutes, they give you a boost, fill you up, and keep your health goals on track.

Pre-workout supplements are hailed for their time-saving benefits. Pre-workout supplements allow you to cut down your warmup time by getting your blood pumping and ready to dive in faster and push for longer. As a result, you spend less time getting prepped and more time focusing on your muscle pumps.

7. Speeds Recovery Time

person recovering from knee problem, using green loop band to do stretches

A vital part of any workout is ample recovery time. Workout recovery supplements support and speed up the recovery process so you can get back to the gym. This shortened recovery period is what makes workout recovery supplements so widely hailed by athletes of all levels.

8. Supports Hormone Levels

Hormone support supplements play a vital role for athletes. These supplements are known for their muscle-building benefits by balancing hormones to provide consistency in your workout routine.

For men, the level of “free” testosterone becomes the focus. Most testosterone is bound to protein, unable to build dense muscle properly. Hormone support supplements free up the testosterone in your system that already exists. The hormone supplement will cause the protein to detach, allowing the testosterone to travel freely and create muscle.

Support for female athletes includes relief from bloating, period cramps, and headaches that can hold you back. In addition, estrogen hormone supplements can help balance mood, reduce fatigue, and clear brain fog. You’ll also experience less water retention.

9. Strengthens Your Immune System

With the addition of powerful immune system supplements, you can keep your health and wellness on track. Adding multivitamin supplements can be combined with your beginner supplements to get your health and wellness journey started in the right direction.

boost your immune system spelled out in white tiles with green matcha tea sprinkled around it

Additional immune system supplements to consider may include long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements focus on the cellular level to provide support to your immune system.

In addition, consider adding antioxidant supplements to your daily multivitamin and omega-3 supplements. Together, these supplements will cleanse your body of oxidative stress, repair damage, and protect your health.

10. Increases Muscle Build

Muscle build is the number one reason athletes add supplements to their daily routine. It's all about the protein, and for a good reason. While a diet high in protein supports the process of building muscle, you can do more.

Protein supplements push your gains to the next level. While carbs and fats play their role, protein is vital in building muscle. One of protein’s vital roles in muscle building includes signaling the body to convert its surplus of calories into muscle cells rather than fat.

Protein supplements are also ideal for the anabolic window, the period following exercise, which signals your body to enter recovery mode and begin building muscle.

Additionally, adding protein supplements to your routine can help ensure your body receives the necessary amino acid requirements to form complete proteins.

Foundational Beginner Supplements

No matter your goals, starting your journey with a solid foundation is where it all begins. A handful of beginner supplements can provide an optimal foundation for your health, wellness, and fitness goals. Then, as you continue your journey, you can safely incorporate additional supplements to meet your individual goals. Let’s take a look at the list of beginner supplements you should be adding to your daily routine.

Foundational beginner supplements include:

  • multivitamin supplements
  • probiotic supplements
  • Omega-3 supplements

Multivitamin Supplements

Animal Pak Multivitamins

If you aren’t already incorporating a daily multivitamin supplement into your routine, it’s an ideal time to start. Typically the first beginner supplement for many, they provide up to twenty-seven essential minerals and vitamins on average.

So, unless you’re up to the task of keep track of those individually, adding this powerful beginner supplement packed full of recommended daily values is your best bet.

Multivitamin supplements are also ideal for those who don’t receive adequate vitamins and minerals through their daily diet.

Additional benefits of adding this beginner supplement to your routine:

  • increasing your energy levels
  • boosting immunity
  • enhancing your mood while reducing anxiety and stress
  • supporting strong muscles
  • may reduce cancer risks

Along with boosting bone health, vitamin D helps support the health of your colon. The vitamin may also offer preventative benefits to colon cancer and other chronic conditions.

B vitamins are known for their energy-boosting benefits as well as supporting neurological functions. In addition, they're an excellent well-being source to enhance mood and reduce stress and anxiety.  

Zinc is a significant contributor to strengthening your immune system. It also plays a role in supporting proper metabolism. 

Probiotic Supplements

The second group of foundational beginner supplements is well known for benefiting the overall functioning of your gut. Adding a beginner supplement such as a regular probiotic to your routine can offer tremendous benefits to your gut’s health and happiness, resulting in a healthier body and mind.

Silver lining pre and probiotics

Routinely introducing good bacteria into your system helps prevent an unhappy gut. When you maintain the balance between good bacteria and bad, you help reduce the risk of inflammation, infection, and illness spreading to the rest of your body.

Your body naturally contains beneficial and harmful bacteria. Infections occur when the balance of good and harmful bacterial are out of balance.

Like those that make up probiotic supplements, good bacteria work towards eliminating the presence of excess harmful bacteria, like yeast. In addition, the restoration and maintenance of balance are necessary to keep you healthy and well.

Probiotic supplements continue to prove they can provide health benefits beyond your gut.

Benefits of probiotic supplements include:

  • treating and preventing diarrhea
  • supporting a healthy heart
  • boosting your immune system
  • improving allergy symptoms
  • supporting your weight loss goals
  • improving mental health conditions

Treating and Preventing Diarrhea with Probiotic Supplements

While it’s not the most popular topic of discussion, it happens to all of us. What you should be aware of is the danger frequent diarrhea can bring to your health. Frequent and prolonged episodes can lead to severe dehydration, leaving your vitamins and electrolytes depleted.

With the use of these beginner supplements, probiotics can replenish and restore good bacteria. Balancing the bacteria within your intestines will help treat and prevent episodes of severe diarrhea.

Additionally, probiotic supplements have proven beneficial in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease.

Supporting a Healthy Heart

You could benefit your heart's health when you consume good bacteria, whether from food or probiotic supplements. These beginner supplements seem to work to lower your blood pressure by reducing bad cholesterol.

Particular strains of probiotics create lactic acid. Lactic acid plays a key role in breaking down the bile within your intestines. Since bile is mainly made up of cholesterol, this is excellent news for many. Once bile makes its way to your gut, it’s reabsorbed and will enter your blood as cholesterol.

Boosting Your Immune System

Beginner supplements like multivitamins and wellness supplements with good bacteria can significantly boost your immune system. Additionally, probiotics help promote the production of antibodies.

The good bacteria in wellness supplements are also credited with decreasing the occurrence and severity of urinary tract infections and respiratory infections. 

Improving Allergy Symptoms

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you may want to consider adding probiotic beginner supplements to your list for this benefit alone. The two beneficial bacteria strains, lactobacilli and bifidobacterial, support the reduction of your body’s inflammatory responses to various allergens. They also play key roles in improving your body's T-cells. These improvements seem to help your body tolerate reactions, including hay fever and eczema.

Supporting Your Weight Loss Goals

person wearing heart eye emoji socks standing on a scale

Whether your weight loss goals are for health, fitness, or other personal reasons, probiotic supplements can help. Struggling to lose those last few pounds or maintaining a healthy weight could be due to the imbalance of harmful bacteria. With the help of probiotic wellness supplements, your weight loss goals can be more attainable.

Some bacteria strains support weight loss by preventing the absorption of fat within your intestines.

Probiotics are also helpful in keeping you feeling full for more extended periods.

With the addition of probiotic beginner supplements, you’ll even burn more calories just by increasing your hormone levels. 

Improving Your Mental Health

Did you know the overall health of your gut appears to be linked to your mood and mental health? Have a browse through any selection of wellness supplements and you'll find many contain probiotics for this very reason.

So, how can all this be possible? An inflamed gut can spark symptoms of depression. However, using the right high-quality beginner supplements, probiotics put bacteria back in check. With harmful bacteria reduced, inflammation within your gut decreases.

Not only are your happy hormones regulated by the microbes in your gut, but your gut also holds a connection to your brain by way of the vagus nerve. When you use probiotics, you strengthen the nerve pathway connection.

Consuming Good Bacteria

Certain foods contain a natural content of probiotics. Adding probiotic supplements and wellness supplements like vitamins to your routine can help make up for sources you may lack through diet.

Consider adding foods that contain live bacteria. A few natural probiotic food sources we recommend include:

Foods That Naturally Have Probiotics

yogurt and raspberries in mason jar with handle and spoon sticking out
  • yogurt
  • soft cheeses
  • sourdough bread
  • tempeh
  • kefir
  • miso soup
  • buttermilk and acidophilus milk

Pro Tips for Your Probiotic Beginner Supplements

There are some things to keep in mind while using probiotics. Our team has put together a few pro tips to help you get the most out of your probiotic beginner supplements.

Top tips for probiotic use:

Consuming food with added probiotics may not always yield desirable results. As with any supplement, they are not all created equal. Some foods on the market contain strains of added probiotics that are lower in quality and cost. This does not necessarily result in the best option for meeting your health and wellness goals.

Keep in mind, probiotics will pass. While good bacteria flush out the bad, they too will eventually pass through your system. So, to ensure optimal performance, add probiotics to your daily routine of beginner supplements.

Keep your probiotics in a temperature-controlled area, as heat can cause them damage. Remember, bacteria are living organisms. When exposed to higher temperatures, bacteria can die.

Check your expiration dates! Bacteria can die if they’ve been on your shelf too long and are of no use to your goals.

Finding a probiotic supplement that works well with your gut could require a bit of trial and error. Have patience. Your gut bacteria may not respond to a particular product in the way someone else does. Stick to high-quality ingredients and a healthy diet as you work to find the right supplement for your system.

If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend using coated supplements. Your stomach is a highly acidic environment that will kill probiotics before they even reach your intestines. Coated supplements help protect the beneficial bacteria until they reach their destination.

Omega-3 Supplements

Allmax omega-3 supplement

Omega-3 supplements also offer various health and wellness benefits. They are a type of polyunsaturated fat that is essential to many bodily functions necessary to our health. Unfortunately, your body can’t make omega-3 fatty acids, making them an essential beginner supplement.

Omega-3s are well-known for supporting heart health, but did you know they are vital to several additional structures of every cell wall in your body, growth, and muscle development?

Additionally, incorporating omega-3 supplements can help:

  • improve mental health, including depression and anxiety
  • strengthening eye health
  • fight autoimmune diseases
  • reduce inflammation
  • support healthy bones and joints
  • improve skin
  • support your circulatory system
  • boost brain health
  • support the nervous system 

Many omega-3 fish oil supplement benefits are due to their ability to reduce triglycerides. The slow development of damaging plaque within your arteries can result in severe health consequences. Omega-3 fish oil supplements work to lower your blood pressure, reducing the chances of an abnormal heart rhythm, stroke, or a heart attack.

All-In-One Beginner Supplement Options

To help ease the overwhelm as you begin your exploration of supplements, there's a more straightforward solution to starting your beginner supplement routine. One of our highly recommended all-in-one supplements is a delicious shake from Vega One. Packed with multivitamins, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids, it is an all-in-one shake loved by many.

Choosing the Right Supplements for Your Goals

ANS Keto Almond Pancake Mix

Before you storm the internet for the best deals on beginner supplements and protein shakes, there are a few things to consider. While there are stories out there raving of the miracle muscles and overnight figure you can achieve, there is no wonder pill.

Instead, consider your health, wellness, and fitness goals. For example, what is your current diet and activity level? Are there ingredients that you need or wish to avoid?

Supplements provide optimal benefits when choosing products that best suit your goals, lifestyle, and dietary needs. For many, this means selecting a protein supplement. Supplementing protein is an excellent source of nutrition and pairs well with your fundamental beginner supplements. So, let's dive into the incredible benefits protein supplements have to offer.

Why Add Protein Supplements to Your Beginner Supplement Routine?

Protein is an essential macronutrient. It supports your body’s overall health and wellness, making up the better part of your muscles, immune system, and organs. In addition, protein offers the support your body needs to build, maintain, and replace tissue.

Foods such as animal-based protein generally provide your body with all the essential amino acids. This complete source of protein is typically found in meat, fish, poultry, milk, and eggs.

Many non-animal-based protein sources are lacking in one or more essential amino acids, making supplements ideal. For this reason alone, including protein supplements with your daily beginner supplement routine helps ensure optimal health and wellness.

Understanding Amino-Acids

Amino acids are best known as the building blocks of protein and muscle mass. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce all twenty that make up the group known as essential amino acids.

Amino acids also play a critical role in your body's ability to repair tissues and replace lost proteins.

Out of eighty amino acids, only nine can enter your body through consumption. Yet, these essential amino acids are key in supporting weight loss efforts, reducing muscle aches and soreness, and regenerating energy levels post-workout.

Understanding BCAAs

Branched-chain amino acids are made up of three of the nine essential amino acids.  BCAAs are the building blocks of muscle proteins and play a critical role in building new lean muscle and combatting workout fatigue.

ANS Performance Quench BCAA

The three amino acids that makeup BCAAs include:

  • leucine
  • isoleucine 
  • valine 

Why Add BCAA Supplements to Your Beginner Supplement Routine?

Since the body cannot naturally produce branched-chain amino acids, a high-quality BCAA supplement is key to meeting many of your health and fitness goals.

 BCAA supplements pair well with your fundamental beginner supplements and are fast-acting and effective. They waste no time once they enter your bloodstream, and repair work on your muscles begins as soon as you’re in need.

Who Benefits from Protein Supplements?

There are plenty of reasons to make protein supplements the next addition to your daily beginner supplement routine. Protein isn't simply a shake for bodybuilders and hard-core athletes. Adding a protein supplement offers a wide range of health and fitness benefits most people tend to overlook.

Protein supplements are ideal for people who:

  • strive to build muscle
  • are beginning a new diet or workout program
  • are just adding workout activity to their routine
  • plan to increase the number of workout sessions or increase the intensity
  • recently recovering from an injury
  • maybe training for a half-marathon
  • do not consume adequate amounts of protein and may experience symptoms, including:
  • unexplained fatigue
  • unusual weakness while lifting weights or during any strenuous activity
  • prolonged injury recovery time

Top Protein Supplement Benefits

Adding protein is a natural next step following your beginner supplements, as it offers such a wide variety of benefits. There are top protein supplement options for almost any fitness and health goal you may have.

The most notable benefits you can expect from high-quality protein supplements include:

Perfect sports whey protein
  • weight gain
  • weight loss
  • weight maintenance
  • improve lean body mass
  • build strength
  • enhance endurance
  • support quicker recovery time
  • support bulking
  • tone muscles
  • help produce hormones and enzymes
  • pre-workout and post-workout support

Protein Supplements to Boost Your Pre-Workout

Adding a pre-workout supplement to your routine is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes. Pre-workouts prime your muscles before you even start warming up. As a result, you'll save time and energy, allowing you to jump into action after a quick warmup.

If revving up your workout is a goal, introducing a protein supplement with carbs will fuel your body with the extra energy it needs to power through those intense sets. As a result, you'll maximize efforts and gains.

In addition, pre-workouts will push you to your limits and beyond without risking overexertion and damage to your muscles.

Timing Your Pre-Workout Protein Supplements

Optimal results are seen when you take your pre-workout supplements as directed. The general rule of thumb is to consume your protein shake thirty minutes before working out. This timing prevents your protein benefits from peaking too soon or leaving you without enough energy to crush your entire workout.

Timing your supplement also prevents digestive issues. With at least a thirty-minute window, you’ll avoid any stomach discomforts and kill your routine.

Protein Supplements for Your Post-Workout

AminoCore BCAA

A post-workout supplement packed with protein will provide your body with recovery power. Post-workout supplement contains critical nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the recovery process. Your muscles and tissues require this recovery time to rest and repair properly. Without it, you may not be hitting the gym as frequently as you planned.

The amino acids in post-workout supplements play a significant role in enhancing your body’s recovery process. Protein is produced when they are bound together, and your body builds more muscle.

Effective post-workout supplements are known to contain high-quality carbs. Research shows carbohydrates help speed your body’s natural production of insulin. An influx of insulin increases and supports the movement of nutrients throughout your muscles, resulting in rapid repair and recovery.

When you use a post-workout supplement during a set, you’ll also help prevent your muscles from being overexerted.

Timing Your Post-Workout Protein Supplements

As with pre-workout supplements, timing helps you reap the best rewards of your post-workout. Consume your post-workout protein supplement immediately after the conclusion of your workout for optimal results. This window is ideal timing to gain maximum results from your efforts.

Easy Meal Replacement Supplements for Your Busy Lifestyle

One of the best parts of adding daily supplements is the ease of incorporating them into any routine. Even the busiest schedule can squeeze in a quick protein bar on the run or shake in the car.

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars

Whether you need a quick boost of energy or you’re short on time for lunch, we’ve put together our favorite meal replacement options to ensure you stay healthy and on target to meet your goals.

Our favorite meal replacement protein supplements:

1. ALLMAX A:Cuts

2. ANS Performance Keto Pancake Mix

3. Mammoth Meal

4. Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar

No matter what your fitness, health, or wellness goals may be, supplements can provide lasting benefits. From building a solid foundation with beginner supplements to taking probiotic wellness supplements to add products that support your needs, you’re ready to crush your goals!  

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