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Your Guide To Sucralose Sweetener And The Keto Diet Supplements Canada

Your Guide to Sucralose Sweetener and the Keto Diet

So, you’re ready to jumpstart your health with the ketogenic diet. With incredible weight loss and health benefits to boast about, keto isn’t just another diet fad. But if you're still on the fence and worried about the drastic changes you may have to make, we’ve got you covered. 

We won’t leave you with bland alternatives to help get your keto game started. Instead, we're sharing the inside scoop on why keto works, how ketosis can be a game-changer, and how sucralose can help you make the transition.

What is Sucralose?

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener produced by the chlorination of sucrose. It's 300 to 1000 times sweeter than sucrose and two to three times sweeter than other artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sodium saccharin.

"No Sugar" written in sugar cubes

If you’re just getting started with keto, sucralose is worth checking out. There are several benefits to using sucralose over other alternatives. Since sucralose has a sweeter taste than more traditional sweeteners, it’s easier to use only a fraction of what you may typically scoop into your beverages and foods. For instance, 50 milligrams of sucralose equate to 230 grams of sugar in sweetness.

Sucralose is also considered to have a superior taste, making it easy to switch to without the bitter aftertaste. This sweetness is likely attributed to it being more stable under various temperatures, which allows it to preserve a more consistent flavour. So, if you're ready for keto, sucralose sweeteners come in a line of high-performance supplements you already know and trust!

What is the Keto Diet?

"Keto Diet" written on chalkboard surrounded by vegetables and fat foods

In a nutshell, keto is a diet low in carbs and high in fats. You’ll see rapid weight loss from the reduction of your body’s stored water and glycogen. Your body will begin producing ketone bodies from the increased amount of fat you consume. It will then use this fat as its energy source rather than using carbs.

By requiring you to implement drastic reductions to your carb intake and replacing them with fat, your keto-friendly efforts will also provide other health and wellness benefits.

Benefits of Keto

Infographic of the Top Three Reasons Sucralose is Keto- Friendly
  • reduction in blood pressure
  • lower risk for stroke
  • supports a healthier heart
  • supports cognitive health
  • increases HDL cholesterol levels


What is Ketosis?

You’ve probably heard that there’s also an incredible way to jumpstart your keto-friendly lifestyle with rapid fat-melting capabilities. This safe and effective process is called ketosis.

Ketosis is a metabolic state consisting of a high concentration of ketones in your blood. Simply put, the drastic reduction of carbohydrates throws your body into fat burn overdrive. During ketosis, your fat intake becomes the primary provider of your body's fuel while limiting glucose access.  A state of ketosis is typically reached when you consume less than 20-50 grams of carbs a day. 

What Can a Keto-Friendly Diet Achieve in Ketosis?

  • your insulin levels decrease
  • body fat stores begin releasing vast amounts of fatty acids
  • most fatty acids are transported to the liver
  • fatty acids are oxidized and made into ketones
  • ketones provide your body’s energy
  • ketones fuel your brain

Keto-Friendly Foods for Natural Energy Boots

Lines of cut up peppers, cucumber, onion, and other vegetables

Adopting a keto-friendly lifestyle will also help boost and sustain your energy levels. You can say goodbye to fatigue and excuses for skipping the gym. A keto-friendly diet pumps you full of natural energy. By consuming the right foods and tossing out those sugar-crashing empty calories you thought you needed, your body becomes a fat-burning machine. 

Ridding your body of the sugar will stabilize your blood sugar levels and offer you unmatched natural energy, unlike anything you have ever known. Do you still think you'll miss your sweet tooth? As you begin keto, sucralose can be found in many of our favourite keto-friendly supplements to offer you tasty flavours without the calorie strikes.

Is Sucralose Keto Friendly?

KetoSys Keto Meal Replacement Supplement Superstore

Many people ask us if sucralose is a keto-friendly option. Most sucralose is not broken down by the body when ingested, so it is noncaloric (doesn't provide any calories). Since it is not absorbed and doesn't elicit any type of blood sugar or insulin response, sucralose makes the perfect keto-friendly alternative.

In many of our favourite supplements for keto, sucralose offers you that sweet flavour you love without sacrificing your efforts and gains. ANS Performance KetoSYS Ketogenic Performance Fuel is the perfect example. The brand provides five drool-worthy flavours while supporting your keto-friendly plan by providing 70% of calories from fat and 20% from protein.

The Sucralose Difference

Keto, sucralose, and ANS are the trifecta for anyone looking to make a difference in their health.

Sucralose in ANS products is ideal for people who:

  • have trouble maintaining ketosis
  • don’t have the time to cook and meal prep keto-friendly foods
  • need a great tasting starter option
  • are looking for easy on-the-go options 
Keto Wow Bar Keto Snack Bar Supplement Superstore

ANS Performance uses pure sucralose in their KetoSYS line of keto-friendly products. This substitution means no added fillers will work against you, causing spikes in your blood sugar.  The sucralose inclusion rate is also very low—typically 50 to 100 milligrams at most—depending on the product. 

Some products, like Splenda, use sucralose as a sweetener but bulk up the powder with maltodextrin, a simple carbohydrate. Since it can be very difficult to measure 50 grams of any powder accurately, the sucralose is diluted so that it can be measured out as a spoonful like regular sugar.

Because of the added maltodextrin, Splenda would be a poor choice for the ketogenic diet. We highly recommend sticking with a no-nonsense keto sucralose supplement that won’t add the extra fluff your body doesn’t need.

Alternatives to Sucralose

KetoSys Natural Keto Supplement Superstore

Some disagree with the keto sucralose pairing, believing that sucralose is a poor alternative because it is not a natural substance. That’s okay! If you prefer stevia or monk fruit, there are alternate options available, including ANS Performance Ketosis Natural Ketogenic Protein. This filling supplement will support your state of ketosis while offering astonishing results with the keto-friendly calorie breakdown you need. 

Keto-Friendly Options for Everyone

ANS KetoMate KetoSupplement Superstore

We have the full ANS Performance line of Keto products. Some of our favourites include KetoCocoaKetoMate Coffee, Tea and Shake Booster, and KetoVita. BHB ketones and essential vitamins are present in KetoVita, which help your body enter ketosis and avoid the keto flu.

ANS Performance also has naturally sweetened options, such as their KetoSys Natural Ketogenic ProteinKeto Pancake Mix, and MCT Oil Powder.

Jumpstart your keto lifestyle with supplements made to support your needs and goals!

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