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February 20, 2020 2 min read

What is Sucralose?

Sucralose is an artificial sweetenerproduced by chlorination ofsucrose. It’s 300 to 1000 times sweeter than sucrose and 2 to 3 times sweeter than other artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, acesulfame potassium, andsodium saccharin.

Since sucralose has a sweeter taste than more traditional sweeteners, only use a fractional amount - for instance, 50mg of sucralose equates 30g of sugar in sweetness. Sucralose is considered to have a superior taste, as well as more stable under a variety of temperatures, meaning a more consistent flavour.

Why is Sucralose Okay for the Keto Diet?

When ingested, the majority of sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it is non-caloric (doesn’t provide any calories). Since it is not absorbed and doesn’t elicit any type of blood sugar or insulin response, sucralose is perfect for the keto diet - especially in keto supplements such as ANS Performance KetoSys Ketogenic Performance Fuel.

Some products, like Splenda, use sucralose as a sweetener, but bulk up the powder with maltodextrin. Since it’s very difficult to measure 50mg of any powder accurately, the sucralose is diluted so it can be measured out as a ‘spoonful’ like regular sugar. With the added maltodextrin (a simple carbohydrate), this would be a poor choice for keto and the ketogenic diet.

Those who disagree with using sucralose while on the keto diet believe it is a poor choice because it is not a ‘natural’ substance. If you prefer stevia or monk fruit, there are plenty of options available, including ANS Performance KetoSys Natural Ketogenic Protein.

The KetoSys Difference

ANS Performance uses pure sucralose in their KetoSys line of keto diet friendly products. This means there is no added filler that could spike blood sugar, and the sucralose inclusion rate is very low. Typically 50-100mg at most, depending on the product.

Here at Supplement Superstore, we have the full ANS Performance line of Keto products, all available on their brand page. Some of our favourites include KetoCocoa, KetoMate Coffee, Tea and Shake Booster, and KetoVita. BHB ketones and essential vitamins are present in KetoVita, which are perfect to help your body get into ketosis and avoid the keto flu. ANS Performance also has naturally sweetened options, such as their KetoSys Natural Ketogenic Protein, Keto Pancake Mix, and MCT Oil Powder.

By Richard Penrose

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