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Your Guide to Supplements for Keto Dieters Article from Supplement Superstore

Your Guide to Supplements for Keto Dieters

The ketogenic, or keto diet, is growing in popularity, and more and more people are cutting carbs in favor of a higher fat and protein diet. Cutting out the body’s primary fuel source, carbohydrates, also means cutting out many vital nutrients. Following a keto diet might get you quick results, but it’s one of the few times that we push supplements a little harder than if you were eating a more balanced diet.

The good news is that with growing popularity comes the growing availability of keto supplements, meaning that you can follow your diet and still get some vital nutrients. We’ve put together a list of essential supplements for keto dieters to keep you healthy while supporting your weight loss or fitness goals.

Keto Diet Food with Coffee

Foods to Avoid on the Keto Diet

While some of these cuts, like processed foods and sugars, could benefit everyone, cutting out others means you should be replacing vital nutrients with supplements.

While you follow a keto diet, you typically avoid:  

  • all foods that are high in carbs
  • sugary foods like soda, juice, ice cream, candy, etc.
  • fruit
    Homemade loaves of bread on a table
  • beans and legumes
  • root vegetables
  • low-fat diet products
  • condiments
  • unhealthy fats like mayo or vegetable oil
  • alcohol
  • sugar-free diet foods 

Basic Keto Supplements

The following is a list of keto supplements you should consider while you adhere to the keto diet to ensure you’re giving your body what it needs to function correctly.

Magnesium Supplements for Keto Dieters

Magnesium is an essential mineral with various functions in the body. It helps boost energy and regulate blood sugar. Magnesium also helps to support a healthy immune system. Our culture’s love of processed foods makes the average person at risk for a magnesium deficiency, and keto dieters might be at even higher risk since many magnesium-rich foods are keto no-nos.

You might be suffering from a magnesium deficiency if you’re experiencing:

Magnesium Bisglycinate Naturally Canadian Mineral Supplement Superstore
  • a loss of appetite
  • nausea or vomiting
  • weakness
  • numbness or tingling
  • muscle cramps

Including a magnesium supplement in your daily routine can prevent a deficiency. Take between 200-400 mg per day. 

MCT Supplements for Keto Dieters

PVL Pure MCT Oil Fatty Acid Supplement Superstore

MCT oil is a popular keto supplement. Medium-chain triglycerides are metabolized differently than the most common kind of dietary fat, long-chain triglycerides. MCT fats breakdown in the liver and quickly enter the bloodstream for transportation to the brain and muscles, where they become fuel.

Including an MCT oil keto supplement in your diet is a convenient way to increase your daily fat intake and increase ketone levels. Start with five ml per day before increasing to the recommended dose. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements for Keto Dieters

Omega-3 supplements are healthy fat and great for everyone, but especially keto dieters. The western diet is typically higher in unhealthy omega-6 acids, which can lead to inflammation and other unpleasant symptoms.

If you’re running low on healthy omegas, you might experience:

Fresh1 Vegan Omega-3 Supplement Superstore
  • dry, itchy skin
  • dry eyes
  • joint pain
  • depression
  • changes in your hair

Include an Omega-3 supplement with about 500-1000 mg. This will help keep all your omegas in balance on a high-fat diet.

Vitamin D Supplements for Keto Dieters

Vitamin D3 Naturally Canadian General Health Supplement Superstore

Cutting carbs doesn’t necessarily put you at more risk of a vitamin D deficiency, but many people are deficient in this crucial micronutrient in general. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin—your body can produce it when the sun hits your skin. It’s most known for aiding in the absorption of calcium and supporting bone health, but in recent years, experts have found that vitamin D plays more of a role in your immune system than vitamin C.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is stored in body fat. When levels drop because you’re not getting enough sun or consuming enough foods with vitamin D, you might:

  • get sick often
  • feel tired
  • feel pain in your muscles, bones, and low back
  • suffer from depression

Taking 400-800 IU can keep your body functioning correctly and prevent the unpleasant symptoms of a deficiency.

Digestive Enzymes Supplements for Keto Dieters

Digestive Enzymes Allmax Supplement Superstore

A common complaint from people doing the keto diet is the unpleasant digestive symptoms due to a high-fat diet. You might experience nausea, diarrhea, and bloating. These symptoms might ease as your body acclimates to the new diet. When symptoms persist, digestive enzymes can be a helpful keto supplement.

Digestive enzymes are different from probiotics. While both support the digestive process, digestive enzymes are molecules found throughout the body that help break down food. Digestive enzyme supplements are available in pill, powder, or liquid form. Taking one serving before you eat can ease discomfort and support digestion.

Greens Supplements for Keto Dieters

Daily Green North Coast Naturals Superfood Greens Powder Supplement Superstore

The keto diet makes it more challenging to consume enough vegetables, which is something most people struggle with in general. By adding a greens supplements to your daily routine, you can ensure you’re getting the essential vitamins and minerals that fruits and veggies provide.

Greens supplements won’t replace fresh or frozen produce, but they can help support you through days your diet doesn’t allow for many veggies or fruits. Add them to smoothies or drink them mixed with water.

Functional Food Supplements for Keto Dieters

Functional food keto supplements are excellent to keep on hand so you can treat yourself to some of your favorites while still sticking to your diet plan. 

Keto Supplement Pancake Mix

Keto Almond Pancake Mix Supplement Superstore

Pancakes are a delicious breakfast generally reserved for those who are not watching their carbohydrate intake. With 28g of carbs in a single 6” Bisquick pancake, they are anything but low-carb.

ANS Performance Keto Pancake Mix contains only 4g carbs, 7g protein, and 15g fats. What’s even better is they taste great! You can enjoy a stack of pancakes without derailing your health goals.

Keto Supplement Coffee Creamer

ANS KetoMate Keto Supplement Superstore

Unless you like your coffee black, you probably miss your flavoured creamers while participating in the keto diet. However, one serving of creamer has 5g carbs, and that adds up quickly.

Instead, try a functional keto supplement to flavour your coffee, like ANS Performance KetoMate. This coffee, tea, and shake booster adds delicious flavour and provides you with MCTs, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine. Now you can get that creamy flavour without the added sugar and carbs!

Like any diet, cutting out a macronutrient can also reduce a significant amount of micronutrients that your body needs to function. The keto diet can lead to impressive weight loss results, so it makes sense that it’s growing in popularity. By including these keto supplements, you will be able to support your body while sticking to the diet. Throw in some functional food supplements that taste great to help you stick to the plan without feeling deprived!

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