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Your Guide to Vitamin D

Maintaining your health and wellness with the support of supplements is always a hot topic of conversation. From immune system boosters to protein powders, today's market offers various supplements to fit everyone's needs.

But, when it comes to essential vitamins with significant benefits, how sure are you that your body is receiving adequate levels of vitamin D? We’re diving into the importance of vitamin D, how to recognize a deficiency, and how you can quickly boost your daily intake.

What is Vitamin D?

Sunshine coming through brown grass

Nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D can be naturally produced in your skin as a response to direct exposure to sunlight. While this isn’t the only method of ensuring you get your vitamin D, it’s typically the method most people associate it with.

Vitamin D plays several vital roles in your health and wellness. This fat-soluble vitamin is crucial in helping regulate your body’s absorption of phosphorous and calcium. Equally as vital, vitamin D plays an essential role in facilitating healthy immune system functions.

Maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels is necessary for normal development and growth of teeth and bones. It also builds up defenses to protect you from various illnesses, including the flu.

Forms of Vitamin D

Raw fish with garnish on top of it

There are two forms of vitamin D found in your diet and supplements -vitamin D2 and D3. Vitamin D2, or ergocalciferol, is found in certain mushrooms. Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, can be found in egg yolks, oily fish, and fish liver oil. D3 is the more beneficial of the two types, as it can raise your vitamin D levels to twice the amount of D2.

best sources of Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D

Whether you bask in the sunlight, consume foods with vitamin D, or implement a daily routine of liquid vitamin D supplements, there are additional benefits worth pointing out. 

Vitamin D May Reduce Depression

Studies show vitamin D may play an essential role in regulating your mood. In some participants diagnosed with depression, vitamin D supplements yielded promising results. Elevated moods and improvements in additional symptoms, including anxiety, were noted.

Vitamin D Helps Fight Disease

Practically all the cells in your body have a receptor for vitamin D. Why is this important? The abundance of these receptors throughout your body enables it to protect better and defend, fighting off diseases.

Research suggests vitamin D may play a vital role in reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis and lowering your risk of developing heart disease.

Vitamin D for Weight Loss Support

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Vitamin D has been linked to supporting weight loss efforts. Participants taking daily calcium and vitamin D supplements lost more weight than subjects taking a placebo in one study. In addition, the scientists noted the extra calcium and vitamin D had an appetite-suppressing effect.

In another study, overweight participants who took a daily vitamin D supplement improved their heart disease risk markers.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Lack of Vitamin D is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. Roughly 42% of adults lack sufficient levels of vitamin D. This deficiency puts them at higher risk for numerous health issues. 

Health Issues Due to Vitamin D Deficiency:

Close up of human spine bone
  • bone abnormalities
  • osteomalacia or soft bones
  • osteoporosis, or fragile bones
  • muscle weakness
  • bone loss
  • risk of fractures
  • thyroid problems
  • cancers
  • type 1 diabetes
  • high blood pressure

Recognizing Deficiency Symptoms

If you’re concerned you may have a vitamin D deficiency, visit your physician. Share your concerns and symptoms with your doctor, who can diagnose a deficiency through a blood test.

Symptoms of D Deficiency

  • fatigue
  • achiness
  • moderate to severe muscle or bone pain
  • stress fractures mainly occurring in the pelvis, hips, and legs

Finding Adequate Sources of Vitamin D

There are excellent sources you can turn to to prevent a vitamin D deficiency or treat one if your doctor has diagnosed you with it.

Food Sources for Vitamin D

Unfortunately, few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Due to this factor, some are fortified with vitamin D. Add the following foods to your diet to help boost your D vitamin intake:

Natural Sources of Vitamin D:

Cocktail shrimp in cup with cocktail sauce
  • egg yolk
  • shrimp
  • salmon
  • sardines

Fortified with Vitamin D:

orange Slice
  • milk
  • orange juice
  • cereal
  • yogurt

Soak In Some Sunlight

Many of us spend hours in front of a computer. But, unfortunately, the current state of the world hasn't done much for getting us outdoors to do things. So, make it a point to add a fresh air break to your daily routine. Soak in a bit of sunlight and help boost your vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D Supplements

Sky with sun setting and person jumping in front of sun

Supplements are a convenient way to ensure you’re getting the recommended amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Considering adequate vitamin D levels are more challenging to come by through food or sunlight alone, adding a supplement may be ideal.

Liquid Vitamin D vs. Pill and Capsule Forms

For some, selecting a supplement form is simply a matter of preference. Liquid vitamin D will undoubtedly yield the same health and wellness benefits. However, liquid vitamins offer additional benefits. Liquid vitamin D doesn’t require being broken down and digested. For those with lower stomach acid levels affecting digestion, liquid vitamin D becomes an ideal option.

Liquid vitamin D and other liquid supplements are also considered more bioavailable. This means the vitamins are readily absorbed into your body for optimal effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at our favorite liquid vitamin D options.

Liquid Vitamin D NutraSea+D Omega-3 by Ascenta
NutraSea Omega 3 Vitamin D Supplement Superstore

Offered in Crisp Apple and Grapefruit Tangerine flavours, Ascenta’s liquid vitamin D contains everything your body needs in a D supplement.  

You’ll reap the full-body benefits this1000IU liquid vitamin D provides. With omega-3 fish oil to boost D levels, you’ll help promote your:

  • cardiovascular health
  • brain function
  • immune system

Vitamin D Sprays

You’ll find several liquid vitamin D sprays on the market today. As with other liquids, the direct oral absorption of a vitamin D spray can offer tremendous benefit to those with malabsorption conditions or who have trouble swallowing pills. Our favorite vitamin D sprays include:

Vitamin D3 Spray by Believe Supplements
Believe Supplements Vitamins D3 Spray Health Supplements Supplement Superstore

This tasty vitamin D spray is available in a tasty blueberry flavour and boasts 160 servings. You’ll boost your overall health and wellness and your energy level with the daily use of this easy-to-use vitamin D spray. Toss it in your gym bag, work desk, or purse, and this vitamin D spray will help strengthen your immune system, fight off viruses, and boost nutrient absorption.

Fresh1 Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray by ANS Performance
Fresh1 Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray ANS Supplement Support

If you’re looking for a vegan vitamin D spray option, we’ve got you covered! ANS Performance Fresh1 Vegan Vitamin D spray provides 1000IU of vitamin D in a juicy orange flavour. ANS Performance knows there’s nothing better than a 100% vegan-sourced vitamin D spray that supports your lifestyle without sacrificing essential vitamin D levels.

Support your health and wellness by providing your body with the vitamin D levels it needs to thrive.

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