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If you’re feeling bloated or heavy, adding a Diuretics & Water Shed supplements can help you look tighter and thinner. In addition to being great for those looking to shed extra inches and bloat before weightlifting competitions, the Diuretics & Water Shed supplements are great for those trying to fit into an evening dress or another outfit for a special occasion. 

  • PVL WaterTight: WaterTight has been blasting away the competition since 2000. The formula helps shed excess water, enhance definition, and reduce bloating in as little as three days.
  • Allmax HydraDry: HydraDry is for on-stage competitors who need the razor-sharp cuts that this delivers. This 14-day pre-contest water loss system works with your body to effectively reduce not only the water within, but also to tame puffy skin caused by excess water. 

Rock the best version of yourself by purging excess water safely and effectively with Supplement Superstore Diuretics & Watershed collection.