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The Grenade story is one of roll-your-sleeves-up hard work and a commitment to doing things better. Founded in 2009, their mission was simple. As sports supplement distributors they'd grown tired of selling a bunch of stuff that looked and sounded the same. So we set about creating products that people would actively seek out and remember.

Their first attempt at a weight loss formula was so effective a friend described the results as explosive, ‘like a grenade’. That product became Thermo Detonator and Grenade became the name they were looking for. Over the following years their team grew alongside a product family bursting with personality (and great-tasting, high-quality ingredients).

Today, Grenade continues to pride itself on making each product and formulation as unique as possible. Products that exceed label claims and go beyond the seen-it-all-before sports nutrition stereotypes, including their hard to beat Carb Killa protein bar and delicious Carb Killa Brownie.