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If you're looking for a supplement brand with a cult following, you've come to the right place. JNX Sports features a compact product range to ensure its supplements are the highest quality possible. The JNX team provides extensive quality testing, incredible attention to detail, and a quality guarantee, so customers know the quality of the supplements they are purchasing.


JNX Sports carries three supplements: The Curse!, The Ripper!, and The Shadow!, each with a different focus on making the most of your workouts and active lifestyle.

  • The Curse! is a pre-workout supplement widely regarded as one of the best supplements on the planet.
  • The Ripper! is a high-energy fat burner that pairs delicious flavors with a significant jolt of caffeine.
  • The Shadow! from JNX Sports and combines leucine with 350mg of caffeine for an even more intense pre-workout supplement.


Join the following of a hardcore brand that will help you train like never before. If you demand exceptional performance, find your perfect match with JNX Sports.