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L-Carnitine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. This amino acid plays an essential role in energy production by transporting fatty acids into the engines of your cells, also known as the mitochondria, where the acids turn into energy.  

Supplement Superstore carries a variety of L-Carnitine supplements and protein powders from brands you’ve come to know and love:

  • Allmax L-Carnitine Tartrate 120 Capsules: Help your body boost energy, increase endurance, and stimulate fat consumption with L-Carnitine Tartrate 120 Capsules by Allmax. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, also known as LCLT, is one of the most bio-available forms of L-Carnitine. A supplement’s bioavailability determines how easily the body absorbs it and can utilize it. If you’re looking for fast-acting support, you’ll love this! 
  • PVL Liquid Carnitine: This liquid carnitine by PVL is pharmaceutical grade, vegetarian sourced, free of artificial flavours, sweeteners, and colours. Thanks to certification by Informed-Choice, you can also rest assured it has undergone testing for all banned substances. 
  • Nutrabolics Carnibolic: Metabolize your fat and reduce cravings with Carbibolic. Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Bean add antioxidants and natural energy for a workout that is sure to boost your endurance, enhance definition in your muscles, and increase the exploitation of fat in your body. 

Make the most of the fat in your body with the addition of an L-Carnitine supplement!