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P28's mission is to help others feel their best, with a fuelled, healthy body that can take them anywhere. Three brothers working together in a bakery may sound like chaos, but for them, it was just the beginning.

As third-generation owners of their company, there was always an endless supply of fresh-baked deliciousness around the corner. As their pants grew tighter and their will for new adventures grew larger, they began fitness journeys that would change our lives forever. After trying – and failing – to keep themselves in shape, they figured out the missing ingredient from our diet: protein. They adapted their diets to get the results they wanted, but they refused to say goodbye to bread forever. The result? P28 Foods, offering hearty baked goods stuffed with wholesome protein.

Since 2008, they’ve been helping people feel the same change they did. A change that only a nutritious, unrestrictive, high protein diet can offer, through their carefully designed and prepared high protein bread, bagels and flatbread as well as their ever famous High Protein Peanut Butter Spread.