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At Prairie Naturals, ‚ÄúLive the Healthy Life‚ÄĚ is their¬†company motto. But to them, these four simple words are far more than a slogan. First and foremost, they are a constant reminder of their¬†commitment to you, the¬†customer, of our mission to design and provide the finest natural health care products they¬†possibly can.

‚ÄúLive the Healthy Life‚ÄĚ is also an empowering reminder to them¬†that all our choices matter. We have the power to decide to live in a way that embraces our health and wellness. It also reminds us that living a truly healthy life includes living a more earth-friendly, ecologically sound life. And it makes us mindful of our responsibility to support and enhance the well-being of others; not only our immediate friends and family, but people all around the world.

When Robert Pierce started Prairie Naturals almost 20 years ago, he envisioned building a family owned business dedicated to improving the health of others through natural health products and science-based educational tools.

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