More professional athletes trust Rivalus. At Rivalus their commitment has always been to assist professional and Olympic athletes reach new levels in training and performance, while supporting young athletes in their quest to become great bodybuilders and powerlifters. Their most important responsibility is a set of standards ensuring every Rivalus product is built to meet the needs of discerning athletes in all major sports, bodybuilding and powerlifting.

All Rivalus products are free of banned substances and built in world class facilities. In 2013, Rivalus was acquired by Nutrivo LLC, owned and operated by Mike and Tony Costello, the former owners and founders of Optimum Nutrition. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Aurora, Illinois, Rivalus is now manufactured in an ultra-modern, 130,000 square foot facility. Featuring Promasil protein, Powder Burn pre workout and Clean Gainer weight gainer.

It’s easy to make a supplement free of banned substances simply by ensuring no banned ingredients are formulated in the product and selecting only high quality facilities to build the finished product. The difficulty is making a supplement effective and including efficacious dosages in both capsules, tablets and powders. At Rivalus, that’s their specialty.

Rivalus has a clear and laser-like focus: make the most powerful and effective supplements available free of hazardous substances and unwanted fillers. This business model has captured the attention of many competitors who try to capitalize and copy our business model. No one has more professional athletes than Team Rivalus.