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Find what you need to maximize your results with Sweet Sweat by Sports Research. This family-owned and operated company prides itself on supplying its customers with the highest quality workout accessories to help support their overall health and wellness. Whether it's their Thigh Trimmer, Resistance Bands, or one of their unique supplements, you'll love the quality and affordability of everything from Sports Research!

Sports Research has been helping families meet and exceed their personal wellness goals since 1980. Their supplements rely on the brand's fundamental values:

  • Quality: Experts inspect every detail before a product is released to ensure it exceeds the brand's standards
  • Trust: Sports Research prides itself on transparency
  • Innovation: Customer feedback and extensive research guide the development of every new workout accessory

Finding the perfect mix of innovation and proven research is essential. Sports Research uses nutraceutical ingredients with a history of scientific research to create new and exciting products. Explore their selection today and change the way you reach your goals!