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Jack Owoc, CEO, CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) established and founded VPX Sports Nutrition in 1993. Jack and his elite team run VPX, Bang and Redline with the same passion, energy and enthusiasm as he did 24 years ago. Sleeping on an air mattress on the floor in order to vigorously pursue his destiny and dreams sounds crazy, but this small sacrifice was worth the massive rewards and magnificent blessings that flowed through him and onto millions of others just like you.

Jack's objective from the very beginning was to intentionally help others. He knew in his heart that the more people he helped, the more successful and prosperous VPX would become. His mission statement was simple, to make the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market, backed by scientific research. He felt obligated to start his own supplement company and set the highest standards in manufacturing because he was tired of all the lies and deception that unscrupulous supplement companies were using to purposefully rip off consumers. He intended to hold himself and the company to a higher standard than any other company on the planet. In fact, he wanted to run VPX like a pharmaceutical company and adhere closer to their higher standards. This is precisely why the acronym VP(X) actually stands for Vital Pharmaceuticals with the X appearing lower than VP similar to how it appears in RX.

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