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Alani Nu

Alani Nu BCAA

  • Endurance

    Finding the energy to put in work at the gym is one struggle, but what about endurance? Alani Nu's BCAAs help you power through your most challenging workout. Branched-chain amino acids make up roughly 35 percent of our body's muscle protein and help provide essential fuel to your muscles during intense workouts. The bottom line? BCAAs help you work harder and longer when it matters.

    • Increases endurance
    • Supports hydration
    • Aids in muscle recovery
    • 30 servings
    • Delicious flavours

    Muscle Recovery

    After you've put in work at the gym, your body needs time to recover. Help support your body's muscle recovery process with BCAA. Building up your muscles means partially tearing them down, which can mean soreness following an intense workout. BCAA helps reduce pain by enhancing muscle protein recovery, allowing you to get back in the gym faster and stronger.

    Hydration Support

    Your body needs hydration to stay healthy inside and out. BCAA is a fantastic way to support your hydration levels while also providing workout support. You can enjoy the delicious flavours of Alani Nu's BCAA before, during, and after your workouts for higher energy, more reps, and bigger gains.

    Support your body's growth naturally with BCAA by Alani Nu!

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