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Alani Nu

Alani Nu Omega Gummies

  • Joint Support

    No matter how old you are, supporting your joints is crucial to feeling your best. Our joints help support our bodies to carry us through life and all of our adventures. But dealing with pain in your joints can make those adventures a thing of the past. Alani Nu's Omega Gummies help support your joint health by supplementing your diet with EPA and DHA, essential omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce pain and swelling.

    • Joint and heart health support
    • 12mg of EPA
    • 120mg of DHA
    • 30 servings
    • Delicious strawberry punch flavour

    Heart Health

    In addition to providing joint support, the EPA and DHA found in Omega Gummies also improve heart health by reducing triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are fats found in the blood that can cause heart disease and increase your heart attack risk. EPA is also known to help improve cholesterol levels.

    Improved Mood

    An added benefit of Alani Nu's Omega Gummies is mood improvement. EPA and DHA can help improve symptoms of depression and leave you feeling your best inside and out. You may also see an improvement in memory and brain health!

    Feed your body the nutrients it needs to feel its best with Omega Gummies by Alani Nu!

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