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Allmax Glutamine 1000g [Buy 2 Get 1 Free]

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  • Prevent Muscle Breakdown

    Glutamine is one of the body’s conditionally essential amino acids. Although the body produces the amino acid naturally and in one of the highest concentrations, high-intensity workouts quickly deplete the body’s supply of glutamine. Support your muscle development, prevent muscle breakdown, and beast your workout goals with Glutamine by Allmax.

    • 100% pure ultra-fine micronized powder
    • Helps muscle repair and recovery from intense training
    • Helps protect muscle from breakdown
    • Available in 100 g, 400 g, and 1000 g

    Post-Training Recovery

    Strenuous workouts cause the body to produce higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that affects muscle repair and protein synthesis. Studies show that glutamine helps prevent cortisol from interfering with muscle growth and repair. It also increases heat source proteins and helps remove lactic acid to help create new muscle tissue.

    100% Pure Glutamine Powder

    Allmax utilizes a proprietary hyper-particulation process called Glutasure to create the smallest particle size possible. This glutamine supplement uses a natural fermentation process to create a clean, white, extremely fine powder with an extended suspension time and a fast-absorbing formula.

    Maximize your immune function and muscle recovery support with Glutamine by Allmax.

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