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Allmax MusclEAA

    • High EAA Blend With Added BCAAs
    • Improved Muscle Growth
    • Improved Fat Loss
    • Get Massive Muscle Pumps
    • Boosts Mood
    • Amazing Taste

    More Muscle, More Strength

    MUSCLEAA is a full spectrum EAA matrix featuring 7000mg EAAs, including 4200mg BCAAs in a scientifically supported ratio shown to maximize muscle building and fat loss. The inclusion of 400mg Mediator® Phosphatitic Acid and 400mg Selaginella Tamariscina Extract DOUBLES the effectiveness of the EAA matrix.

    Why take EAAs?

    • Stimulate lean muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown with the right combination and dose of EAAs.
    • Helps maintain muscle while restricting calories.
    • Enhance weight loss as increased protein turnover and muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR).
    • Improve mood as they serve directly as important neurotransmitters or as precursors.
    • Promote energy production and boost exercise performance.

    Don’t throw away your BCAAs

    BCAAs are important and play crucial roles in our bodies including: activating the enzymes that are responsible for building muscles; regulate blood sugar levels; and decreased recovery time.

    Benefits of combining EAAs and BCAAs

    • Retain, stimulate and build muscle.
    • Enhance mental focus during training.
    • Enhance fat burning and glucose tolerance.
    • Support hormonal balance during intense training.
    • Enhance endurance performance and decrease fatigue.

    Stack for faster lean muscle growth and fat loss

    To develop a complete physique and improve training performance, we must first be sure that our EAA levels are suitably high. The best way to do this is to take both a reputable EAA product like MUSCLEAA and BCAA formula like AMINOCORE. This, combined with a high protein powder supplement like ISOFLEX, are the keys to building a lean, muscular physique.

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