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Allmax Taurine

  • Optimal Performance

    Taurine is one of the most concentrated amino acids in the body and can improve exercise performance, mental focus, and overall body composition. Adding taurine to your diet helps increase the amount of nitric oxide, improving exercise intensity, and increasing the duration of your workouts. Improve your workouts and support your recovery with ALLMAX Essentials Taurine!

    • Improves exercise performance and body composition
    • One of the most concentrated amino acids in the body
    • Found in the brain, white blood cells, central nervous system, and skeletal muscles
    • Increases nitric oxide to improve workout intensity and recovery
    • Potent source of energy
    • Each bottle contains 133 servings
    • Unflavoured

    Overall Body Support

    Nitric oxide helps promote glucose absorption, working to improve the intensity of your workouts while also promoting a faster recovery. Taurine helps maintain a healthy ratio of salt and water in the blood, helping move essential nutrients between cells. Taurine also helps regulate electrolyte levels, which can prevent painful cramps during and after exercise.

    Convenient Formula

    ALLMAX Essentials Taurine features an unflavoured, unsweetened, pure powder that mixes easily with the liquid of your choice. Create a delicious smoothie, add a serving to your breakfast, or combine Taurine with ISOFLEX protein powder for a nutritious treat! Increase your lean body mass and promote healthy muscle recovery with ALLMAX Essentials Taurine.

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