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ANS Performance

ANS Performance CLA 3K

  • Multiple Benefits

    Unless you're a health and fitness junkie, you may have never heard of CLA, the shortened name for conjugated linoleic acid. However, this supplement will quickly become a go-. CLA is one of the good fats, omega-6 fatty acids that help support your body's metabolism and the removal of unwanted fat. If you're looking to maintain healthy skin and support natural weight loss, CLA 3K by ANS Performance is a fantastic choice.

    High-Quality Ingredients

    CLA 3K uses only pharmaceutical-grade safflower oil that has been concentrated in four isomer areas:

    • Cis-9
    • Trans-9
    • Trans-10
    • Cis-12

    These particular isomers are clinically shown to reduce fat and improve lean muscle. In addition, CLA 3K is free of gluten and stimulants, so you know you're only getting what you expect without any surprises.

    Easy to Stack

    If you're looking to pair your conjugated linoleic acid with another product, CLA 3K is a fantastic choice. The supplement is stimulant-free and is easily stackable with other products for a custom nutrient program that fits your needs. Support your body's metabolism and promote natural fat loss with CLA 3K by ANS Performance.

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