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ANS Performance

ANS Performance Lean Mass

  • Lean Muscle Mass Builder

    Your solution for gaining hard, lean muscle without the excess calories is here. Lean Mass is the perfect lean muscle builder for athletes looking to put on quality size. It's 1:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio delvers what your body needs, without the excess calories that can lean to unwanted fat gain. Lean Mass is formulated with the highest quality protein, food-derived carbohydrates and premium fats; along with proven strength and size multiplier creatine monohydrate to accelerate muscle building goals.

    Lean Mass Effect

    • Premium protein and carb sources
    • Build muscle, size and strength
    • Incredible taste and mixability
    • High quality fats: coconut oil, MCTs and flax
    • Enhanced post-workout recovery shake
    • Zero added sugars
    • Banned substance free
  • ANS Performance Lean Mass Nutrition Facts and Ingredients