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ANS Performance

ANS Performance MCT Oil Powder

  • With Prebiotic Fibre

    KetoSys MCT Oil Powder is made with premium goMCT non-goo medium chain triglycerides derive entirely from coconut oil and purify for C8 and C10 fatty acids (caprylic and capric acid). These fats are quickly converted into ketone bodies for increased energy levels, mental focus and performance. KetoSys MCT Oil Powder combines MCTs with prebiotic acacia finer for added gut microbiome support; and blends into hot or cold beverages with ease.

    • Made using patented premium quality goMCT C8 and C10 Medium Chain Triglycerides for direct energy utilization 􏰀as ketones.
    • Boost your coffee or shakes with healthy fats
    • MCTs are powdered on vegan prebiotic fibre to support a healthy gut biome.
  • MCT Oil Powder by ANS Performance Keto Friendly Healthy Fats at Supplement Superstore Canada