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    Looking for a brain boost? Stop reaching for those sugar filled cans telling you they'll help you "fly" and crack open a tub of AMINO-IQ. Designed to kick your brain into another gear AMINO-IQ has the added advantage of properly dosed nootropics, essential amino acids, natural sweeteners and all natural colours. If all that wasn't reason enough to love this very unique product, AMINO-IQ is part of our "CANDY SHOPPE SERIES" offering you mouth watering flavours like Red, White & Boom (Rocket Pop), Watermelon Candy, Tangerine Jelly Bean and Banana Ice Pop.

    AMINO-IQ's versatility makes it the perfect choice for both mental and physical performance. Whether its to study, work, train or gain, it's time to go Beyond Yourself with AMINO-IQ.

    Key Features

    • Promotes alertness, wakefulness and enhances cognitive performance.
    • Supports cognitive health and brain function.
    • Relieves fatigue, promotes endurance and enhances motor performance.
    • Source of essential amino acids to increase muscular protein synthesis.
    • Assists in the building of lean muscle mass.
    • Natural sweetner (Stevia) and natural colours (all naturally occurring).
    • The only nootropic BCAA in the Canadian market.
    • Can be taken for both mental and physical performance.
    • 3:1:1 vegan BCAA (3600mg Leucine) + proven nootropic ingredients.
    • Full recommended dose of ALPHA GPC (1200mg) for cognitive enhancement.
    • Incredible Candy Flavours.

    Recommended Use

    Adults aged 19 years or older - Mix 1 scoop (9.3g) of AMINO-IQ with 6-12 oz of cold water immediately before consumption and drink it 45-90 minutes before your workout or as a nootropic aid during periods requiring mental alertness. Duration of use: For occasional use only. For use prolonged use of 12 weeks or more, please consult a health care practitioner.

    WARNING - If you are a tested athlete, it is your responsibility to check with your sporting organization’s rules and regulations or with designated athletics staff before using this or any supplement to be sure all ingredients are safe for your sport.

    Amino IQ by Go Beyond Yourself BCAA Energy Nootropic at Supplement Superstore

  • Amino IQ by Go Beyond Yourself BCAA Energy Nootropic at Supplement Superstore

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