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Femme Forme

Femme Forme Crush

  • Crush your cravings

    Nothing kills a clean diet faster than uncontrollable cravings. Use Crushto control snacking between meals and save hundreds of extra calories a day.

    • Fights cravings and hunger between meals
    • Helps fight compulsive snacking
    • Improves attitude and emotional well being
    • 100% safe for everyday use

    All those extra calories add up

    It may not seem like it at the time but a cookie here and a couple chips there can completely derail an otherwise healthy day. All those extra calories add up to one thing, stubborn, unwanted, excess fat.

    Uncontrollable cravings aren't your fault

    The thing is, cravings don't come from your stomach, they're caused by your brain. There are many factors at play but one thing is for sure, you're not always actually as hungry as you think you are.

    Feel good about feeling great

    Research shows that sweet and salty snacks throughout the day often have the exact opposite effect we're hoping for. One study showed that stress and tension increased within the first hour of guilty snacking. Within the second hour, energy decreased and fatigue appeared. Use Crush to fight back against the awful nap-snack cycle.

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