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Liquid Muscle

Liquid Muscle

  • Powering Athletes With The World’s Purest Protein

    LIQUID MUSCLE is a flavoured Egg White that has the taste and texture of an indulgent Milkshake with 35 Grams of Pure, Clean Protein per 292ml with ZERO FAT, ZERO SUGAR and Zero Cholesterol and only 4 ingredients! It is pasteurized for food safety so you could DRINK it right out of the bottle and even COOK and BAKE with it.

    35 Grams of Pure Clean Protein

    • Zero Fat
    • Zero Sugar
    • Clean Muscle Gains
    • Zero Cholesterol
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • No Added Sodium
    • 100% Bioavailable
    • Body Fat Reduction
    • Pre And Post Workout Support
    • Fully Pasteurized Ready To Drink
  • Liquid Muscle by Liquid Muscle Nutrition Functional Food at Supplement Superstore Canada