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Magnum Nutraceuticals Big C


    Creatine is the most studied and used supplement on the planet. But that’s not to say regular creatine is not without problems. There are non-responders to regular creatine, others tend to get bloated and retain water all over, and some even get upset stomachs. When we created Big C we wanted a creatine that everyone could use to get stronger, leaner, and more muscular. We also wanted them to be able to use it all the time – not just in a bulking phase. We chose only the forms of creatine that were studied and shown to increase strength and lean muscular gains, not water weight and bloat. We also included non-insulin spiking absorption agents to ensure all of the ingested creatine was transferred to your working muscle tissue. And finally we combined specific ingredients with creatine that were shown to increase the amount of fat you burn by 10%! Big C is the perfect creatine for everyone!


    Creatine - Isolate, Pyruvate, AKG, and Malate are combined to increase the amount of creatine made available to your working muscle tissue. The Krebs cycle is a series of chemical reactions that takes place in the mitochondria and is involved in energy production. More mitochondria are found in cells that expend a significant amount of energy, like muscle cells. This results in a higher muscular creatine concentration and significant enhancements in strength and power performance.


    The Krebs cycle intermediates can also enter muscle cells easily bringing with them more creatine than if creatine was ingested alone. Along with the creatine comes water, and the more water you have IN the actual muscle cell, the more engorged it becomes. This pushes the muscle up against the skin giving it a much fuller and harder appearance.


    Big C uses only quickly and easily absorbed creatines. More absorption equals zero water retention outside of the muscle cell. To further maximize Big C’s absorption, we added a clinical dose of Russian Tarragon (RT). RT creates the same environment as combining creatine with 75 grams of dextrose – creatine is “driven” into the cells by the insulin-mimicking effect of the RT. The best part is that RT does this without the insulin spike associated with sugar.


    Big C also increases muscular endurance, regular creatine fails to do so. The Krebs cycle intermediates in Big C pull glucose from blood into muscle. Supplying your muscles with a carbohydrate content essential for endurance. Ginseng also increases the number of mitochondria, creating greater blood-vessel density. This enhances endurance by increasing the number of nutrients and oxygenation into the muscles.


    Big C is combined with ginseng and astragalus. In a recent human study, this showed greater increases in strength and lean mass compared with the regular creatine group. Even more significant; creatine, ginseng and astragalus produced a significant reduction (10%) in body fat mass compared with the regular creatine group!

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