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Magnum Nutraceuticals

Magnum Nutraceuticals DNA

  • Strength Gains In 3 Days

    The World’s 1st Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolic Strength Activator

    DNA is an incredible ammonia scavenger and anabolic environment creator, but you have to experience it to truly understand the full effects. You’ll be stronger, recover faster, and push harder from the first dose. We guarantee whatever weight you normally lift for 7 or 8 reps you’ll now be able to manage 10, 12, or even more! We guarantee this or your money back! In fact, in a recently published study at Wingate University School of Pharmacy titled DNA: An Investigation of the Three-Day Strength Guarantee Made by Magnum Nutraceuticals in Regards to their Branch Chained Amino Acid Supplement DNA; this was proven, as the experimental group had an overall average percent increase of 25% (squats), 23% (bench), and 20% (pull-ups)! What’s more, the placebo group that didn’t use DNA® only had an overall average percent increase of -3% (squats), 6% (bench), and 0% pull-ups. DNA® clearly is a strength and power stimulator like no other!

    Enhance Strength

    L-Leucine Alpha Ketoisocaproate Calciumtriggers an anabolic reaction and is an anti-catabolic compound, turning off the body’s ability to strip away and break down muscle tissue. Alpha-Ketoisocaproic Calcium (KIC) is a branched chain keto acid (BCKA), which is the primary regulator of Leucine uptake and usage in skeletal muscle. Leucine is the primary energy source for our skeletal muscle during prolonged strength training, so more KIC equals more available Leucine. This equals more strength, which equals more muscle!

    Increase Reps

    Glycine-L-Arginineis a ketone group, but unlike most ketones it has no ammonia component. This causes it to scavenge ammonia to react with to become more chemically stable. This means it’s pre-disposed to remove ammonia from the muscle cells. By lowering the ammonia levels created from weight training you’re immediately able to continue contracting your muscles for more reps.

    Build Muscle

    L-Leucine/L-Leucine Ethyl Esterhelps preserve lean muscle tissue, supplies the body with energy when weight training, preserves muscle glycogen, maintains a positive nitrogen balance, and enhances cognition as physical activity becomes more intense. L-Leucine is known as a “limiting nutrient.” This means that no matter how much protein you consume, if you are deficient in L-Leucine, your body will not be able to make muscular gains.

    Optimize Recovery

    L-Isoleucine/L-Isoleucine Ethyl Esteris best known for its use in increasing endurance and helping heal and repair muscle tissue. Athletes and bodybuilders need this amino acid because of its ability to boost muscular energy levels and help muscles recover from strenuous exercise and activity.

    L-Valine/L-Valine Ethyl Esteris found in high concentration in muscle. It has a stimulating effect and is needed for muscle metabolism, repair and growth of tissue and maintaining the nitrogen balance in your body.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quickly can I expect results from Magnum DNA?

    Reported results include strength and endurance increases from the very first dose.

    What results can I expect from taking Magnum DNA?

    Users routinely report an increased number of completed reps with weights they normally train with. An example would be a user normally getting between 8 and 9 reps with 225lbs on the bench press, but on training days when DNA was consumed completed reps would jump up to 12 or 13. Each user will experience their own results though so don’t be afraid to push your limits.

    Will I get anxiety and/or jitters from Magnum DNA?

    No. Magnum DNA contains no stimulants of any kind. This makes it perfect for high intensity late night training sessions.

    What is the optimal way to take Magnum DNA?

    We recommend that you take 7 capsules 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. Additionally, for maximum results take 1 to 1.5 hours following your last solid meal before your workout. Combining with pre-workouts or other supplements before you train is acceptable, as these will not slow down the absorption of DNA.

    Are there any products you recommend to take with Magnum DNA?

    Yes, Magnum DNA has been formulated to work synergistically with all other Magnum products. Many clients have written testimonials on how these products helped them to set new personal strength records and drastically change their physique.

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