Muscle Mac Microwave Cup




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  • Now you can eat the pasta you love and maintain a healthy diet. Our pasta is GMO free and fortified with added vegetable protein. It has the taste you crave plus a smooth texture. Our cheese is real, with no synthetic dyes, colors or artificial flavors. And, there’s more of it—more than any other national brand—so you get plenty of calcium, too. Combined, our high protein pasta and Real Cheese create a healthy and satisfying meal for all ages. In fact, just one serving of Muscle Mac™ provides 42% of your recommended daily protein* intake.

    • Same great flavor in half the time
    • GMO free pasta and Real Cheese
    • Real Cheese with no synthetic dyes, colors or artificial flavors
    • 20 grams of protein per serving
    • One-step prep
  • Muscle Mac by Quality Pasta Company Functional Food Kraft Dinner at Supplement Superstore Canada

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