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MuscleMaxx BCAA Apocalypse


    It’s simple — Aminos like BCAAs are the driving force behind the anabolic power of protein. THEY BUILD MUSCLE.*

    When you’re killing it in the gym, you need Aminos like BCAAs, Glutamine & Taurine to halt muscle loss & get you set up for serious muscle gains.*

    BCAA Apocalypse by MuscleMaxx BCAA at Supplement Superstore Canada


    Muscle breakdown is a fact of life, we all have this happening literally all the time. What you need to do to win is tilt the scale in your favor. BCAAs feed your muscles directly! They are the part of protein directly responsible for stimulating muscle growth while reducing muscle breakdown.

    Nothing keeps your muscles going like BCAA’s during your intense workouts.

    Our no-nonsense highly potent BCAA’s are the best there is. But that’s not all, we added a kick@ss blend of B6 & B12 to ramp up your metabolism and give your body the raw materials needed to effectively use and absorb the BCAAs themselves.

    BCAA Apocalypse by MuscleMaxx BCAA at Supplement Superstore Canada

    If you’re building muscle then you know BCAAs are the best to increase the rate of muscle growth. Why? Because while other aminos are processed by the liver, BCAAs are absorbed by the muscle directly which cuts down on muscle tissue breakdown.

    If you want to build quality muscle fast then BCAAs are where it’s at.

    So, what are BCAAs anyway?

    Branched Chain Amino Acids are just that, they are amino acids, but with a difference! They are the key amino acids that are specifically tied to stimulating muscle growth. The BCAAs are Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. They are found in all complete proteins like whey protein, beef and eggs. BCAA Apocalypse has 50% of the BCAAs in the form of Leucine and 25% Valine and 25% Isoleucine; it is a 2:1:1 ratio.

    To help stop muscle tissue breakdown we brought in the reinforcements with L-Glutamine. Glutamine supports your muscle glutamine levels, prevents tissue breakdown and increases recovery. Don’t forget Taurine for improved mental focus and energy. It also acts as a cell volumizer by drawing water into muscle cells, getting more nutrients where it needs to be for better recovery and growth.

    APOCALYPSE BCAAs give you ONLY the good stuff and NONE of the B.S.

  • BCAA Apocalypse by MuscleMaxx BCAA at Supplement Superstore Canada