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Mutant Geaar

  • Essential Amino Acids

    The body needs nine essential amino acids (EAAs) plus the conditional amino acid arginine to build muscle and support recovery. Unfortunately, arginine is often left out of EAA supplements. Mutant GEAAR is different. In addition to building muscle and supporting recovery, arginine helps to increase nitric oxide and insulin and move EAAs within the body. GEAAR features 9.4 grams of essential amino acids and arginine, seven grams of BCAAs, and four grams of leucine, making it one of the most complete EAA supplements available on the market.

    • Seven grams of BCAAs in an 8:3:3 ratio, the highest of any EAA
    • Vegan and fermented amino acids
    • Added leucine
    • EAAs plus arginine
    • Promotes muscle growth and supports recovery
    • 30 servings
    • Four delicious flavours

    Tons of Electrolytes

    Electrolytes help regulate the body's pH levels, contract muscles, and promote hydration. GEAAR contains all seven electrolytes — potassium, sodium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate, and bicarbonate — sourced from coconut water powder, aquamin, a deep ocean red algae mineral from Iceland, sea salt, and albion magnesium bisglycinate.

    High Absorption

    Creating an environment where your body can absorb the nutrients in your supplements quickly and efficiently is critical. GEAAR is 100% instantized to provide the ultimate solubility and includes BioPerine, a patented compound that enhances the absorption of nutrients by up to 25%. If that wasn't enough, Mutant also adds 300mg of arginine to stimulate the production of nitric oxide for even more significant vasodilation, blood flow, and nutrient delivery.

    Supply your body with the amino acids it needs to thrive with Mutant GEAAR!

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