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Mutant Protein Brownie

  • Guilt-Free

    What if you could enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate without ruining your fitness goals? Now you can with Mutant Protein Brownie! This delicious snack features added whey isolate protein for a protein boost that will leave you feeling full while also kicking your sweet tooth to the curb.

    • Gourmet chocolate taste
    • Added whey isolate protein
    • Informed-Choice Certified
    • Real soft-baked

    Informed-Choice Certified

    At Mutant, if it isn't on the label, it isn't in the package. Whether you're shopping for a supplement or a tasty chocolate treat, you can rest assured that the product you're enjoying is made with the freshest, high-quality ingredients possible. Mutant partners with Informed-Choice to ensure its products are tested for over 200 substances banned by sporting agencies across the world.

    Delicious Flavour

    You don't have to worry about your sweet tooth thanks to the protein-packed flavours of Mutant Protein Brownie. This tasty treat is dripping with flavour and comes in two choices: chocolate fudge or chocolate peanut butter. Both flavours are real soft baked and have a truly gourmet taste.

    Crush your cravings with Mutant Protein Brownie!

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