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Naturally Canadian

Naturally Canadian AndroGenix

  • Testosterone Support

    If you want natural testosterone support that also boosts your muscle growth and strength, you'll love AndroGeniX by Naturally Canadian. This supplement increases Leydig cells' sensitivity, which causes an increase in testosterone when exposed to the luteinizing hormone. This reaction causes an improved ratio of cortisol to testosterone, which increases testosterone while decreasing cortisol.

    • Increases sex drive
    • Promotes free testosterone
    • Supports lean muscle growth and strength
    • No artificial dyes or colours
    • Sugar-free
    • Zero calories
    • 60 capsules

    Increases Sex Drive

    AndroGeniX from Naturally Canadian enhances testosterone by using clinically supported ingredients to increase free testosterone. The supplement utilizes eight nutrient pathways to support testosterone stimulation and activation. Ingredients include horny goat weed and Tribulus Terrestris to improve testosterone's bioavailability while reducing processes that reduce or inhibit the hormone.

    Naturally Canadian Supports Lean Muscle Growth

    This unique supplement enhances androgen sensitivity and testosterone utilization to increase fat burning and protein synthesis. Increasing cAMP improves testosterone's power at receptor sites, triggering the body to burn unwanted fat and support the movement of protein throughout the body.

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