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Naturally Canadian

Naturally Canadian Coral Calcium

  • Balances Ratio of Calcium to Magnesium

    Although our bodies may contain the elements we need to be healthy and strong, certain conditions may prevent these minerals from being absorbed at max effectiveness. Naturally Canadian Coral Calcium capsules help balance the ratio of magnesium to calcium and acid to alkaline to support overall wellbeing.

    • Supports a balance of calcium to magnesium
    • Increases bone strength and density
    • Prevents bone loss
    • Included Vitamin D increases calcium absorption
    • Harvested from Okinawa with zero reef damage
    • 100 percent natural
    • cGMP manufacturing
    • 60 capsules

    Increases Bone Strength

    Calcium helps strengthen the bones in the body, preventing them from becoming fragile or breaking without major injury. Naturally Canadian Coral Calcium features Vitamin D, an essential supplement that helps the body absorb calcium and allows it to be used more effectively.

    Prevents Bone Loss

    As we age, our bodies experience a decrease in bone density. Calcium supports bone strength and density, helping to prevent bone loss and keep your body's foundation healthy and strong. Calcium also helps strengthen teeth, promotes blood clotting, and supports heart health.

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