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Naturally Canadian

Naturally Canadian Methyl Vitamin B12

  • Supports Overall Cell Function

    Support your cells with Naturally Canadian Methyl Vitamin B12. This supplement is essential for cells to function; however, many people don't get the necessary amounts of B12 their bodies need. Our bodies' ability to absorb B12 decreases as we age, making adding Methyl Vitamin B12 a fantastic choice.

    • Improves blood health
    • Essential for the successful functioning of all cells
    • Helps prevent and treat a Vitamin B12 deficiency
    • Highest absorbable form of Vitamin B12
    • cGMP manufacturing
    • 60 capsules

    Promote Red Blood Cell Creation with Naturally Canadian

    B12 plays a critical role in producing red blood cells and the overall health of cells in the body. Methylcobalamin helps maintain healthy nerve and cardiovascular function, maintain normal sleep patterns, and regenerate axonal nerves.

    Easy to Absorb

    Before the body can absorb B12, it must convert it to methylcobalamin. If the conversion doesn't happen, the supplement is useless. Avoid the confusion and choose the easy to absorb version of Vitamin B12 — Methyl Vitamin B12 by Naturally Canadian.

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