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Perfect Sports

Perfect Sports Shield Vitamin C


  • Antioxidant Support

    Vitamin C is a critical part of our overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t able to produce vitamin C naturally and instead rely on the amounts we consume through our diets. Shield Vitamin C by Perfect Sports is a must-have for supporting the health of our immune systems and preventing oxidative damage and stress caused by free radicals.

    • Supports our immune system
    • Prevents free radical damage
    • Promotes collagen formation
    • No fillers, flavouring, or sweeteners
    • Unflavoured

    Promotes Healthy Collagen

    Collagen is the nutrient that makes up the majority of our bones and connective tissue. This protein helps heal wounds, stop bleeding, regenerate skin cells, and stimulate the formation of blood vessels. Collagen is also a critical component in protecting our skin against wrinkles, fine lines, and more!

    Pure Vitamin C

    Shield provides 1,000mg of vitamin C in each serving — more than 14 times what you would gain if you ate an orange! Perfect Sports Shield contains no fillers, sweeteners, or flavouring and is gram for gram the purest and most effective vitamin C supplement on the market.

    Support your body’s health and wellness with Shield by Perfect Sports!

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