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PEScience Select Protein Bar

  • Taste and Texture

    Forget everything you think you know about protein bars. PEScience spent more than two years finding the perfect formula for its Select Protein Bar. The company tweaked its ingredients until there was zero protein aftertaste, chalky texture, or unappetizing flavour. What’s left is a protein bar that tastes more like dessert than something that will help you achieve your goals.

    • High in protein and fibre
    • Low sugar
    • Whey and casein protein
    • Box of 6
    • Three delicious flavours

    Whey + Casein Protein

    Many people think 100% whey protein is the way to go, but research has shown that mixing whey and casein protein supplies your body with a better protein supplement than whey alone. PEScience whey protein absorbs quickly, which helps your body create fast energy, while casein digests slowly, extending your energy and keeping you feeling fuller longer.

    High Fibre, Low Sugar

    It’s hard to trust some companies that claim their bars contain high levels of fibre. After new fibre regulations were released, companies were forced to admit that the ingredients they marketed as fibre were carbohydrates. With Select Protein Bars from PEScience , you’ll enjoy 12 grams of fibre from soluble corn fibre and chicory root and only two grams of sugar in each bar.

  • PEScience Select Protein Bar Nutrition Facts at Supplement Superstore Canada