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Current Dispatch Times: Normal [Same Day Before 3pm EST]

Magnesium Glycinate + Taurine + CoQ10

$49.99 CAD

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Heart Health

Pure Lab Vitamins made it its mission to create a formula to support heart health, which is how Magnesium Glycinate + Taurine + CoenzymeQ10 was born. Starting with Magnesium Glycinate was an obvious starting point for its muscle health support while adding taurine boosts cardiovascular health, and CoQ10 balances LDL cholesterol to create the perfect combination of full-body benefits.

  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health, muscle function, and cholesterol
  • Supports hydration, cellular health, blood pressure, brain function, and sleep
  • Free of yeast, gluten, sugar, shellfish, wheat, soy, egg, corn, and preservatives
  • 120 capsules

Nerve Function

Did you know that a magnesium deficiency impacts practically every part of our bodies? It can cause cramps, neck pain, muscle soreness, headaches, and even chest tightness. By supplementing our diets with Magnesium Glycinate + Taurine + CoenzymeQ10, it restores the energy to our muscle and nerve functions, enabling us to operate at optimum capacity.

Antioxidants and Taurine

Mixing Taurine and CoenzymeQ10 is a brilliant way to promote cellular health, regulate muscle contractions, and keep LDL cholesterol in check. The heart houses the largest concentration of taurine in the body, ensuring adequate levels of magnesium and potassium. CoQ10 helps support heart health as well by promoting good circulation and health of blood vessel walls.

Keep your heart happy and healthy with Magnesium Glycinate + Taurine  + CoenzymeQ10 by Pure Lab Vitamins.

Pure Lab Vitamins Magnesium Glycinate + Taurine + CoQ10 Nutrition Facts at Supplement Superstore Canada

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120 Capsules