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Ryse Protein Pancakes

  • Crush Your Cravings

    Sticking to a more structured meal plan can be difficult, especially once the cravings kick in. Ryse makes kicking your cravings easier than ever with its Protein Pancake mix. These clean ingredient pancakes are a fast and easy way to start your day off on the right foot. Every serving is delicious and nutritious.

    • 20 grams of protein
    • Three grams of MCTs
    • Added prebiotic dietary fibre
    • Easy to prepare
    • Zero added sugars or artificial sweeteners
    • Informed choice facility for manufacturing
    • 326-gram package
    • Buttermilk flavour

    Packed with Protein

    Pancakes are great, but do they actually fill you up and give you the fuel you need to conquer your goals? Not really, unless you're talking about Ryse Protein Pancakes. This delicious breakfast staple features 20 grams of protein as well as a prebiotic dietary fibre to keep you feeling full for hours and give your muscles the fuel they need to power you through your day.

    Premium Ingredients

    Ryse only uses the best ingredients possible in its products. Protein Pancakes are easy to make and are free of added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Every product undergoes rigorous testing before being released, and the company manufactures in an informed choice facility, giving you a full stomach and peace of mind.

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